Classic Car Bodywork in Pulborough

Reasons You May Need to Visit a Workshop for Dent Repairs and Other Car Body Repairs

For many car owners, their vehicle is a part of their identity. Others see it as a way to get from A to B. That said, all drivers need their cars to function properly to remain safe on the roads. Any problem could leave you unable to drive to work in the morning, or if you drive a commercial vehicle, without a means to do your job properly. No matter your situation, Auto Unit in Pulborough can perform the car body repairs, dent repairs or accident repair work you need. We also undertake classic car bodywork for passionate owners with an eye for vintage automobiles.

See below for some of the reasons you may need to speak with our Pulborough team. We provide classic car restoration work, use modern techniques like paintless dent repairs (PDR) and perform a free valeting service when you come to us for accident repairs.

Do You Need Classic Car Bodywork or Dent Repairs?

It doesn’t matter which make or model you drive. Auto Unit will deliver the necessary car body repairs or classic car bodywork, with friendly customer service to put your mind at ease.

You Spot an Unsightly Dent – We’ve all been in this position. When you return to your vehicle, there’s a dent in the front or side that wasn’t there before. If you see a dent when parked in the Pulborough area, don’t despair. Much like our car body repairs and classic car restoration services, we carry out dent repairs quickly and with the latest techniques for superior results.

If a crash happens, you can rely on us for accident repairs along with pick-up and delivery at a place of your choosing.

You Own a Classic Vehicle – Whether it’s a Mini or Jaguar E-Type, your vehicle deserves specialised care. This is because classic car restoration and classic car bodywork demand unique skills that few in the Pulborough area possess. With quality craftsmanship and the right paintwork, your pride and joy will become the envy of enthusiasts throughout the region.

A State of Disrepair – Every car will experience wear and tear on the Pulborough roads, but some issues require a visit to your trusted car body repairs team. This may reduce costs in the future and even prevent safety concerns. Skilled in accident repairs, classic car restoration and dent repairs alike, we can restore your vehicle to a showroom standard and liaise with your insurer as needed.

You Drive a Commercial Vehicle – Tradesmen and fleet drivers tend to need more accident repair work and car body repairs than private motorists. This is because they spend more time travelling along the Pulborough roads. Able to perform dent repairs, classic car bodywork, full-resprays, panel replacement and more besides, Auto Unit works hard for your vehicle.

We will restore it to pristine condition so you can travel without losing work due to a shabby appearance. We extend this approach to classic car restoration, which needs expert care from qualified technicians.

Whether you need classic car bodywork, dent repairs or any other car body repairs, call our Pulborough team on 01798 873744 or 07747 446521.