Accident Repairs and Classic Car Bodywork in Midhurst

The Changing Seasons and Your Vehicle

With so many drivers leaving their vehicles outside, it’s no wonder auto body shops continue to welcome more drivers each year. It only takes a careless passer-by in the Midhurst area to knock your vehicle for you to need dent repairs, but the weather can play a role too. The wintery months and rainy seasons can reduce visibility – leading to an urgent need for accident repairs or classic car bodywork. Poor weather might also affect the finish of your vintage vehicle, resulting in a visit to your local classic car restoration workshop.

Renowned for car body repairs, classic car bodywork and more besides, Auto Unit can help to maintain your vehicle in the Midhurst area.

How Weather Affects Classic Car Bodywork and All Other Vehicles

When you think of car body repairs, you likely imagine repair work after a crash. While this is a big part of what we do, we can also carry out classic car restoration work and restore all modern makes and models found on the road.

The Winter Season – Ice can more than double stopping distance, causing a lapse in judgement to lead to accident repairs. Less dramatic, however, is the damage that may occur when the council grits the roads. Designed to prevent freeze over, this salt can cause erosion, rust and the peeling of paintwork. Our car body repairs service comes with a dazzling finish that can reduce the impact of such issues.

Springtime Rains – A bit of rain in the Midhurst area never hurt anyone, but torrential rainfall may obscure your vision. Naturally, such a challenge can demand dent repairs and accident repairs after the worst happens. Here at Auto Unit, your safety means everything to us. We perform the necessary classic car restoration work for your prized vehicle, but aside from classic car bodywork, we also restore modern cars to their pre-crash condition.

Autumnal Hues – If you drive around the Midhurst area, you no doubt enjoy the brown, red and golden colours that come with Autumn. As attractive as this can be, the fall brings with it sap and rotting leaves that can damage the lacquer. To ensure long-term success following car body repairs, dent repairs or classic car restoration, it’s best to clean these leaves away as swiftly as possible.

How Can You Protect Your Classic Car Bodywork?

Check the weather to see if the council is likely to salt the Midhurst roads overnight. You might also want to throw a covering over your vehicle or store it inside a garage if possible. The less time your car spends parked on the roadside, the less likely it is you’ll need dent repairs or other car body repairs.

When the rains come, it’s vital that you drive safely to maintain your classic car bodywork. Staying alert will help to keep everyone safe, protect against injury and prevent costly accident repairs.

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