Dent Repairs

in Midhurst, Pulborough, Arundel and Across West Sussex

Dents can occur on the main roads, along the back streets or even while parked. It only takes a single lapse in judgement from a nearby driver or a pedestrian to leave your car with visible damage. If you’ve spotted a dent in your vehicle, visit Auto Unit in Pulborough. We perform cost-effective dent repairs for motorists throughout Arundel and Midhurst, and serve commercial drivers across West Sussex. We deliver a professional service no matter the size of the dent, clearing away all evidence with superb results.

The Auto Unit team employs traditional dent repairs as well as small-to-medium repair techniques (SMART) and paintless dent removal (PDR). This enables us to provide the perfect solution for your vehicle.

Our one-stop dent repairs service includes:

  • A free estimate from the skilled technicians
  • A careful inspection for signs of underlying damage
  • SMART techniques for efficient dent repairs
  • Paintless dent removal to save you money
  • The ability to remove all dents after an accident
  • A stunning finish with no remaining signs of damage

Does your car in Arundel, Midhurst or any of the surrounding areas feature a troublesome dent? Speak with Auto Unit in Pulborough for high-quality dent repairs, performed quickly for your convenience.

Dent Repairs | Using Modern Techniques for Guaranteed Success

Like all car body repairs, we make our dent repair services highly affordable, with a ‘can-do’ approach towards your every need. Our team can even collect and deliver your vehicle without hassle.

Don’t Ignore Dents in Your Car

It may be tempting to ignore a minor dent, especially if you drive an older vehicle in Pulborough, Arundel or the Midhurst area. However, this can expose the car to corrosion, leading to rust that can reduce its safety on the road. Dented vehicles kept on the street will likely suffer more as the dent gets worse, compounded by the changing weather. A dent will also reduce the value of your car on the second-hand market, as no one will want to purchase a vehicle with obvious damage.

Dent repairs stop growing issues before they have a chance to develop. This speedy process allows your vehicle to hold its value for as long as possible, making it a wise investment that pays off in the long run.

Paintless Dent Repairs (PDR) Explained

Known as the fastest, most cost-effective and eco-friendly way to provide dent repairs, PDR removes the dent through continued pressure. This method of massaging the panel proves ideal for low-force impacts that might occur while parked or when travelling at reduced speeds. As long as the paintwork remains in good condition, we can perform this innovative service for your vehicle.

Whether you drive a Peugeot in Pulborough, an Audi in Arundel or a Mercedes in the Midhurst area, our team can eliminate any dents in the bodywork. We also restore classic cars and can fully repaint your vehicle with outstanding results.

Please call Auto Unit on either 01798 873744 or 07747 446521 for fast-acting dent repairs in Pulborough. We give Arundel, Midhurst and West Sussex drivers a reliable service.