Classic Car Restoration

in Arundel, Midhurst and Pulborough | The First Choice for Classic Car Bodywork in West Sussex

Based in Pulborough, West Sussex, Auto Unit breathes new life into vintage vehicles through classic car restoration work. Our technicians bring over 60 years of combined experience to classic car bodywork and understand that each vehicle demands a unique approach. What works for one car may not be right for another, so we only provide the specific bodywork needed for your vehicle. Should your classic car suffer an accident on the Arundel or Midhurst roads, or lose its sheen with time, our team will fully restore it to your satisfaction.

We repair bumpers, remove dents, eliminate rust and fit replacement parts complete with relevant guarantees. Additionally, all paintwork features a lifetime guarantee, ensuring your classic car exudes visual charm in the longer term, along with a flawless finish.

Our classic car bodywork technicians provide the following benefits:

  • A careful vehicle preparation process
  • Colour matching for exact paintwork
  • Panel fitting and chassis alignment
  • The removal of all cosmetic damage
  • New parts with manufacturer guarantees
  • All classic car restoration work at a fair price

Give your historic vehicle the care it deserves by choosing Auto Unit in Pulborough. Our classic car bodywork and restoration service will allow you to travel the Arundel, Midhurst and West Sussex roads in style.

Classic Car Restoration From Your Local Specialists

For many auto enthusiasts, owning a classic car remains an aspirational goal. This makes finding the right ream to undertake your classic car bodywork vitally important. We know that classic car restoration work needs an eye for detail and a diligent approach, and will perform all structural and cosmetic work with the passion your vehicle deserves.

Why Restore a Classic Car?

Classic cars often feature more style than today’s models. In fact, a vehicle from many decades ago can turn heads while you enjoy a satisfying drive on the Pulborough, Arundel or Midhurst roads. Unlike most cars that lose much of their value, fully restored classic cars may actually see a boost in value due to the scarcity of the model.

When treated to classic car restoration work, your vehicle will run efficiently, drive smoothly and may save you from paying road tax, depending on its age. Our classic car bodywork service will give your vehicle the ultimate care and respect, making it ready to journey the West Sussex roads.

A Full Restoration and Bodywork Service

Using advanced techniques alongside traditional methods, the Auto Unit team in Pulborough provides classic car restoration work with a beautiful finish. If your beloved vehicle suffers a dent or scuff at any time, we can perform the necessary repairs without compromising its visual charm.

If you’re the proud owner of a vintage vehicle in Arundel, Midhurst or the surrounding areas and would like to arrange for classic car bodywork, please get in touch with a member of our team. We will be thrilled to restore your car to its former glory.

Call the classic car restoration specialists on 01798 873744 or 07747 446521. We perform classic car bodywork for enthusiasts across Pulborough, Arundel, Midhurst and beyond.